Saturday, January 25, 2014

This is a new chapter.
after 4 years of working a wednesday schedule that just about killed me, I'm finally in a position to get back on the horse in terms of blogging/maintaining some kind of web presence. this post is essentially a placeholder until the first full length whatever-the-fuck-ends-up-here, but while my fingers are moving I'll just simply say that this will basically become the repository for rants that otherwise never make it beyond the ether of conversation with friends. I've found myself increasingly wanting a more permanent spot to start collecting musings and even flexing a little more linguistic muscle than I may have afforded myself the opportunity for in recent years. I'm designing the rest of as we speak, so this is all for now. I expect a full post of some kind by the end of tomorrow. full disclaimer: posts on this blog will not be exclusive to music by any means. food porn, cats, and random grievances are all fair game.

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